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Stypt for Investors

Stypt, the new standard in customer appointments

The Stypt platform allows users to schedule appointments with clients, send reminders, follow up with them to ensure that they don’t skip their appointments, and also cancel or reschedule them if there are changes in their schedule. The platform also allows users to integrate their other services and applications, for example: a user could integrate a booking widget on their website so that their customers can easily book an appointment in a few clicks.

Stypt also allows business to add relevant information on a landing page in the form of a ‘Stypt profile’. Stypt also does analytics on their users, for example: it shows which appointments are more likely to be skipped, so that the users can follow up with them more proactively. Stypt also allows users to integrate with their Facebook Page and Instagram. Stypt is designed in a way that its users can easily create and schedule appointments, which makes their lives easier.

How will Stypt differentiate itself from its competitors?

Stypt will differentiate itself from its competitors by having a great user experience. Stypt is designed for users to be able to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Stypt will also differentiate itself from its competitors by having an affordable subscription model. Instead of a hefty price up front, Stypt’s pricing starts low, and scales with usage. This way, even small businesses which are starting out can afford to use Stypt.

Stypt will also differentiate itself from its competitors by being more customer-oriented. Stypt’s customer support will be very accessible to its users. Users will also be able to contact the Stypt team through a forum community. Stypt will also differentiate itself from its competitors by offering a seamless integration with other applications. Users will be able to integrate with their other applications to make their lives easier.

Stypt will be the new standard. Stypt will make managing appointments bearable again. That’s a promise.